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Three switches Switch Board
Data: 2010-10-8      Hit: 5366
  Product Description: Typical high-speed board
  Design Analysis: The BCM56601 chip set solution, with RLDRAM, DDRII SDRAM, TCAM, there are strict timing requirements; board pairs of high-speed signal 3.125G, 1.25G 48 pairs of signals, each 13 inches in length; strict impedance control, power supply type range, 6 A current of more than 8 species, a large number of phase-locked loop; veneer PIN number more than 25,000, a large number of network rules
   Design Strategy: detailed analysis of the calculation of timing, HSPICE simulation 3.125G 1.25G signal and the signal routing rules. Before the simulation to determine RLDRAM, DDRII SDRAM, TCAM routing topology, after the simulation confirm their timing. Current rational design calculation software by the current routing channel. Parallel design to ensure the progress of more than veneer.
   Design Results: veneer than half the time the user expected to complete the design, signal quality to meet the requirements.
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