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PCB design of dual-mode smart phone case
Data: 2010-10-8      Hit: 5506
A company dual-mode smart phones, support for GSM / CDMA dual-network dual standby, large-screen color touch screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, SD expansion, stereo speakers, high-resolution cameras feature
Design parameters:
Single-board design of physical pins 3000 Pin, design density higher than 0.05 (boardsize/14pin-components)
6 layer PCB, 5 layer signal / power (including surface), a layer GND
Difficult to design: dual-mode mobile phones, with two base-band circuit, two SIM cards and peripheral circuits, placement and routing are very difficult
A variety of mixed digital and analog signals cross, we must ensure that all network and to ensure the fabric through a variety of digital and analog signal quality (all the packages to take the analog signal processing and high-speed digital signals away from the adjacent layer, to maintain the ground reference layer complete treatment)
Structure size and design layers are limited, room for expansion without compromise, high density layout, design is difficult.
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