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PID regulator copy board case
Data: 2010-10-8      Hit: 4253
Intelligent PID controller with large LCD screen LCD interface, paged menu operation, all Chinese human-machine interface, easy configuration, intuitive display rich content, you can display the time program given curve, and be able to indicate operational status given curve point, left-screen display time, the state and run-time curve, the right half screen display process value, PID output and the given percentile value. Intelligent PID controller built-in LCD clock chip, with time display function, input and output characteristics of an analog input, AI as RTD, TC, mA, V universal input, all input signals the software can be set, a PID control output (the first two outputs as the standard configuration, the third required when ordering, the standard PID control output signal, the output type can be set 0-10mA/4-20mA/0-5V/1-5V other output . Time proportional control relay output (1A/220VAC resistive load, the term output can be set off through the menu.) SCR zero time proportional control output. 2 alarm output, DO1, DO2 alarm output, respectively, according to different curve patterns can be set to alarm or deviation alarm value, the reported high or low alarm reporting mode can be set. universal input signal through a simple software and hardware settings can be applied to any of the following input signals: heat resistance: Pt100, Pt100.0, Pt10, Cu50, Cu100. Thermocouple: K, E, S, B, J, R, N, and with automatic cold junction compensation. standard signal :0-10mA ,4-20mA ,0-5V ,1-5V, linear or square root signal. Remote pressure gauge :30-350W, the signal error correction can be on-site keys, which set and use. general linear non-standard signal :0-60mV or less, or 0 -60mV 0-5V or less than any key can be set and the signal can be used. other special custom-made non-standard input signal. two given way: the machine for a given (RSP). time frame given (TSP). time program given curve in Figure: Setting the 6 curves, each curve can be set up to 11 segments, the maximum time 9999 minutes; and can be set to a number of curves end to end, time frame given curve can be set up to 66 , the longest 458 days. may be suspended and curve control, the curve of time zero and so on. power and memory meter with a power-down protection for all parameters can be isolated with RS485 communication interface, FBBUS-ASCII code protocol and MODBUS-RTU protocol Select (MODBUS-RTU protocol only for Modbus option, RS485 cable the same way), constitute a computer monitoring system.
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