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We are experienced professionals in the PCB copy board design team. We have all kinds of PCB board has a very detailed knowledge and thorough understanding with laser holes, blind holes, buried vias and high-end PCB board structure alignment of understanding of the rules is one-upmanship. Both in density, around the microstrip line, and other long-term computer motherboards, high-end graphics board, Gigabit network equipment substrate, or to deal with demanding high-frequency, electromagnetic compatibility strict control of PHS motherboard, mobile phone board, wireless LAN and other wireless communications equipment, and stacked up to 28 layers, blind hole buried hole infested industrial motherboard, we can provide the basis for a good model (or prototype) one-time successful cloning. As Shenzhen PCB copy board (PCB copy board various types of boards), to board, schematics and BOM single production, PCB production, prototype production testing, one-stop service bulk product processing technology enterprises of new technology, strong technical force and excellent service concept, can effectively help customers shorten the development cycle, development costs, reduce production risk and technical support costs, improve customer's competitiveness and profitability.

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