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United trillion Lenzod Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional PCB design and manufacturing service providers one-stop solutions company headquartered in Hong Kong. We are the PCB has a number of years of professional working in the field of PCB design, PCB copy board, chip decryption, BOM table production, the parameters of a special chip analysis of the professional team of engineers and technicians, mainly to provide: single, double to the twenty-eighth floor of the PCB copy board (Copy, copy), PCB design, SI analysis, EMC design, PCB to board, schematic design and a single production BOM, PCB production, prototype production and technical testing, small quantities of finished products, large quantities of processing, product testing and other technical services functions. To the establishment of the company, has been much customers, we have a professional, high quality service to welcome every new and old customers cooperation.
Through our many years of efforts, and market the temper of our present Union MeV has been developed for the detailed organizational structure, management of advanced, technical strength, product range and has a number of outstanding technical and managerial personnel of the elite enterprises. United trillion electron has initially formed as the center of Shenzhen, the radiation, for the overseas R & D system and service network. The face of economic globalization has brought opportunities and challenges, the United MeV has always been to "build a world-class PCB services company for the goal."
Site dedicated to providing our customers with all kinds of PCB copy board, project development and related services with this technology: PCB design, PCB copy board (copy board mobile phone board, computer motherboard PCB copy board, FPC PCB copy board, aluminum board PCB copy board ), PCB to board, prototype debug, PCB prototyping, PCB proofing, PCB bulk, BOM list making, SMT / PCBA chip processing, OEM / ODM OEM, IC decryption. You are welcome to inquire!

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Address: Shenzhen city Futian District Road revitalization of SEG science and Technology Parks two East 8 buildings A1 Tel: +86-0755-82515211 Fax: +86-0755-82705733

To provide professional PCB copy board, design,